Top best pushchair for a newborn baby in india for 2022

  • A Perfect Travel Companion for Your newborn baby
  • Cortina CX Stroller delivers your baby comfort as a cradle
  • It allows Your baby to comfortably sit and sleep in 8 Different Positions
  • Internationally accepted Design which sustains a weight up to 25 KG
  • Easy to Handle the Stroller even when your child is in your lap
  • Shockproof wheels make the ride of your baby smooth on rough surfaces
  •  It is very easy to fold and unfold the Cortina CX Stroller


Top best pushchair for a newborn baby in India for 2022

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The best pushchair for my newborn

You have come through various pushchairs online but this Cortina CX stroller is the best choice for your newborn baby. It provides your baby with the safest, most comfortable, and enjoyable journey with you. This pushchair for a newborn comes with a cradle effect seat which delivers the same comfort as a cradle to your baby. With these features, the Chicco Cortina CX stroller becomes the perfect travel companion for your baby. This baby pushchair has a handle on the parents’ tray making it easy to fold and unfold with a single hand while holding the baby in the other hand.

It is very easy to use these foldable baby stroller prams. The backrest position of this baby pram reduces your effort to fold and unfold this stroller. This stroller provides your baby to comfortably stay in the stroller by allowing your kid to acquire 8 backrest positions with the adjustable recliner. The internationally accepted design of this baby stroller makes it suitable for kids from birth up to 22 KG.

This Cortina CX stroller is designed so perfectly that it can provide the best possible comfort and safety to your kid. Cortina CX stroller makes every ride of your little one enjoyable and shockproof because it comes with suspension on the wheels. It comes with an adjustable backrest which can be adjusted in 8 different recline positions which make your newborn baby by providing the perfect position to sleep or rest.

Folding and unfolding seem a little tedious task. It becomes more painful to adjust the perfect position again and again but the innovative memory recline function in this baby pushchair retains the previously adjusted backrest positions during folding and unfolding. It saves a lot of your time and also eliminates the need to readjust between trips.

This baby pushchair is one of the top best pushchairs in 2022 available in India for your kid. The front-wheel suspension and toe-tap swivels make it provides your baby with a smooth ride on any surface. Including all the premium features of this baby pushchair, the adjustable canopy becomes a bonus for you. The canopy with a peek-a-boo window offers shade from the sun which protects your baby from direct sunlight. This premium-looking baby pushchair can also be used in the car as an infant seat with easy click-in attachment making it more travel friendly.

Chicco Cortina CX Stroller